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Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. He is an accomplished Supreme Court advocate, renowned expert on religious liberty, a number 1 New York Times-bestselling author, and a respected broadcaster. Jay Sekulow is an attorney with a passion for protecting religious liberty - freedom - democracy. For nearly a quarter of a century, he's been on the front lines - working to protect religious and constitutional freedoms in the courts, in Congress, and in the public arena. At the Supreme Court of the United States, Jay Sekulow has argued cases 12 times - including several landmark cases which have become part of the legal landscape in the area of religious liberty litigation.

Jay Sekulow received his Ph.D. from Regent University, with a dissertation on American Legal History, is an honors graduate of Mercer Law School, where he served on the Mercer Law Review, and an honors graduate of Mercer University.. He was a Visiting Fellow at Harris Manchester College’s Summer Research Institutes in June and July 2013, 2014, and 2015. In July 2014, he also participated in a Summer Program focused on Middle East Studies at Exeter College, University of Oxford, under the tutelage of Professor Farhang Jahanpour and Dr. Gareth Winrow.

He recently completed a course of study at Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Management with certification in Executive Leadership and Corporate Innovation.

Jay is the author of numerous publications and legal articles. Immediately following graduation from law school, he served as a tax trial attorney in the Office of Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service.

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Jay Sekulow

Sec Blinken Makes Emergency Trip to Ukraine

By Jay Sekulow1642545650368

It is just as we warned you – a Russian invasion of Ukraine is starting to evolve. Russia has cleared out its embassies in Ukraine. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was immediately dispatched to Kyiv yesterday to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The question is, are there any...

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Incapable IRS Sends Bizarre Warning to Every American

By Jay Sekulow1641937363146

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning Americans to get their tax returns in early before the deadline of April 18th. Why? The IRS is behind in processing millions of returns. There are six million unprocessed individual returns, and at the start of January, they still have two million...

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High Stakes Talks Between Russia and the U.S.

By Jay Sekulow1641851961847

Tensions between Russia and the United States are rising. On Ukraine’s border, there are more than 100,000 Russian troops prepared to invade at any given time. President Biden had a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week that did not go well. The United States is proposing to...

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ACLJ Legal Team Analysis: Supreme Court Hears President Biden's Mandate

By Jay Sekulow1641588489864

The Supreme Court just heard oral arguments in the case against President Biden’s employer vaccine mandate that forces employers with 100 or more workers to implement a policy requiring vaccination or, in the alternative, to submit to weekly testing and wear masks. We’re representing The Heritage...

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Jay Sekulow

Reflecting on the 2021 Victories as We Charge Into the New Year

By Jay Sekulow and Jordan Sekulow1640971311783

Supreme Court To Hear Vaccine Mandate Case Jan. 7th

By Jay Sekulow1640644653822

Remember This Christmas That Our Hope in Jesus Is Unchanging

By Jay Sekulow1640267940000

A WAR ON CHRISTMAS: Secularists Target Military Gravesites

By Jay Sekulow1639606553899

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