Democrats Pursuing Impeachment with 12 Days Left in Trump Presidency (Sekulow Recap)

Democrats are pursuing impeachment, again, and some Republicans are joining them. Today on Sekulow , we are discussing how, with only twelve days left in the Presidency of Donald Trump, Democrats are pursuing a second impeachment. Yes, that is not hyperbole. Even though there are just twelve days to go and the President issued that video last night talking about the peaceful transition of power and President-elect Biden being sworn in on January 20th, Democrats are floating this idea of impeachment. They believe that the violence and riotous actions that occurred at the Capitol Building on Wednesday were incited by President Trump’s rhetoric. It is mostly Democrats that are talking about this but it does have Republican support from at least one House member, Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Remember the House votes to impeach and the U.S. Senate then votes to convict or acquit. One Republican Senator, Ben Sasse, has said that if it goes that far, he would consider voting to convict. Now you may be asking the question, can this even happen in twelve days? Usually that would not be the case in a normal impeachment because you would have hearings in the House, and then move on to the full floor, followed by a trial in the Senate. They aren’t required to hold hearings, but it is how they have traditionally gone about it. My dad, Jay Sekulow, talked about this being a mistake: First of all, I think it would be a gigantic mistake to institute articles of impeachment when the President is going to be out of office in 12 days. So why divide the country so significantly when the President, in fact, is going to be out of office in 12 days? So to me, whether you have the constitutional basis to start an impeachment proceeding – which Congress, as long as they vote, they can have the authority – but then you have to ask, is that a good idea, for whatever the purpose is. This is a serious prospect, however, based on the rhetoric we are seeing from Washington, DC. This is not something that is being whispered amongst certain corners as a possibility. This is something that perhaps President-elect, Joe Biden could tell Speaker Pelosi to knock off for the sake of unity and for the sake of the country. If the House decides to do what amounts to be a token impeachment in the waning few days of the presidency of Donald Trump, this is not a good thing for our country. As we said during yesterday’s broadcast. We need everyone to join us in prayer for our nation and our leaders. The full broadcast is complete with much more discussion and analysis by our team of the calls for another impeachment of President Trump. Watch the full broadcast below.