Biden Caving to the China Climate Deal Despite Ongoing Genocide

How are the American people supposed to interpret our relationship with China when the Biden Administration has entered a global agreement to combat climate change while China is simultaneously committing global genocide? Over the weekend, the U.S. Special Envoy for Climate and previous Secretary of State under the Obama Administration John Kerry met with his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua. This climate deal came as a surprise considering China has been committing mass genocide over the years, targeting religious groups. After the meeting, John Kerry said , “The language in the statement is strong and that the two countries agreed on critical elements on where we have to go.” Despite John Kerry’s interpretation of the meeting, the Chinese Minister thought differently. He spoke about the upcoming summit saying, “China is unlikely to make any new pledges at the upcoming summit.” China once again came out ahead in one of these deals, almost like there were no negotiations to begin with. Obama’s former Secretary of State John Kerry advocated for the disastrous Iran Nuclear deal using the same language he is using to defend this climate change deal. As Tom Cotton correctly pointed out : We had John Kerry sitting in front of us and the committee selling the Iran nuclear deal. The exact same line he used, ‘Oh, the nuclear question will stand alone, we will compartmentalize it from all other issues like Iran’s support of terrorism, their missile program, and human rights abuses.’ I said, Mr. Secretary, maybe you think it stands alone…they are not going to strike some separate deal on climate change. There are conflicting views about what to do in regards to China, even within the Biden Administration. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken commented: We also have to make sure we are dealing with all of our interests. What is the best way to effectively advance our interests and our values when it comes to China? We have to be able to deal with China on areas where those interests are implicated and require working with China even as we stand against egregious violations of human rights or in this case acts of genocide. As we told you , China’s ultimate goal is to use its economic influence to build a geopolitical empire capable of dominating world affairs. It’s not easy to say we should cut off business with China altogether. Sekulow producer Will Haynes described the situation with China perfectly: There is a dichotomy here; they will have to admit they don’t care about human rights abuses, theft of intellectual property, devaluation of currency, real serious issues or climate change. Executive Director for the ACLJ and my brother, Jordan Sekulow, summed it up best: This danger is driven first and foremost by liberal internationalists and global elites who are, once again, preparing to lead from behind by putting the interests of other countries, including the interests of countries that threaten us, ahead of American interests. The scent of danger multiplies exponentially because the Biden Administration has named John Kerry, the negotiator of the failed Iran Nuclear Deal and co-author of the Paris Climate Accord, as a cabinet-level special envoy for climate and the so-called ‘Climate Czar.’ As the Wall Street Journal notes : Mr. Kerry, as a negotiator, ‘never drives a hard bargain, as his Iran nuclear deal showed.’ Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the details surrounding this China Climate Deal that occurred over the weekend. Watch the full broadcast below.