Biden Illegal Immigrants Get More Than Families of Fallen Military

By Wesley Smith1635952994056

The Biden Administration is engaged in settlement negotiations with approximately 900 illegal immigrants (many of whom are represented by the ACLU ) to compensate them after they broke the law. Rather than go through civil court proceedings, the Biden team is considering settling out of court and...

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President Biden Considering Huge Pay Out to Illegal Migrants

By Jordan Sekulow1635541627625

The Biden Administration is ready to cut a nearly half-a-million-dollar check to each child and each parent who broke the law and entered the United States illegally under the Trump Administration. The Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are trying to give...

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President Biden: "I Haven't Had . . . Time" To Visit Border

By Jordan Sekulow1635283394092

There have been more than 1.7 million encounters at the southern border in 2021. That is the highest number of illegal border crossings and contacts in a fiscal year to ever be recorded. Yet, the Biden Administration is nowhere to be found. President Biden has still not even been to the border to...

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There Is a Crisis on our Southern Border…And It's Only Getting Worse

By Mike Pompeo, Senior Counsel for Global Affairs1633611540000

Months ago, I wrote here about the worsening crisis on our southern border. Having abandoned the asylum pacts between the U.S. and Mexico, as well as having ripped up the Trump Administration’s “Remain in Mexico” joint agreement, waves of illegal immigrants were coming into our country undeterred.

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19,000 Migrant Caravan Headed for the US Border

By Jordan Sekulow1633036846246

In the midst of the crisis at the border, the Foreign Minister of Panama expressed confusion over the fact that the Biden Administration is acting surprised after countries explicitly warned the U.S. about a 19,000 plus person migrant caravan that is currently making the trek to the southern...

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President Biden's Border "No Less Secure" As Migrants Flood U.S.

By Jordan Sekulow1632431905267

Already this year, we are surpassing the combined total of the last three years of encounters at the Southern border of the United States. And what has the Biden Administration done about this surge? They stopped the construction of the border wall and pulled back on enforcement and border patrol.

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Thousands of Immigrants Packed Under TX Bridge as Biden's Border Crisis Escalates

By Jay Sekulow1632173351901

President Biden’s border crisis continues to escalate. Currently, 12,000 people are living under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. In the month of August alone, there were more than 200,000 migrant encounters at the border – a 317% increase from what Customs and Border Protection encountered last August.

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Biden Pushes Taxpayer-Funded Attorneys to Undocumented Immigrants

By Jordan Sekulow1628199434727

We haven’t seen numbers like this in 21 years at the border. In July alone, Customs and Border Protection encountered approximately 200,000 people at our southern border – the highest number since the year 2000. On top of that, the Biden Administration’s grand idea to solve this crisis at the...

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Kamala Harris Is Playing Politics With People's Lives

By Ali Holston1626181140000

After nearly six months of avoiding it like the plague, Vice President Kamala Harris finally went to the southern border. On June 25th, instead of going to the epicenter of the crisis, she visited an El Paso border facility where the atmosphere was quiet and calm. Not far from there, in the Rio...

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VP Harris Gets Defensive During Long-Awaited Border Visit

By Jordan Sekulow1624654056055

We just told you that Vice President Kamala Harris is finally visiting our southern border today to address the immigration crisis. She should’ve gone to the border six months ago. She should be visiting the main problem area. Instead, she’s going to one of the most manageable zones on the border:

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VP Harris Plays Follow the Leader in Response to Border Crisis

By Richard A. Grenell, Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy1624634106538

As a young child, we all played Follow the Leader. It was a game where you watched one person do something and then you followed that person by mimicking their actions and following their lead. If the leader walked fast, you did too – and if the leader climbed a tree, you climbed the tree, too.

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VP Harris Has FINALLY Decided To Visit Border After Nearly 100 Days

By Jordan Sekulow1624564826186

The total encounters at the southern border since President Biden took office are an astounding 711,784. In May alone, there were 180,034 encounters. The numbers don’t lie – there is a crisis at the border. As we’ve told you , President Biden tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with solving this...

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The Border Crisis Is a Nationwide Crisis

By Jordan Sekulow1623188481546

The numbers are alarming. Since President Biden took office, the number of U.S.-Mexico border detentions have soared to a 21-year monthly high of more than 178,000 in April. There is no doubt this change in the last six months is due to the Biden Administration’s wide open invitation to the world...

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Disorder on the Border: Delusion, Denial, Dysfunction

By Wesley Smith1622746800000

It is difficult to comprehend, but the crisis on the southern border is actually getting much worse. And the Biden Administration is giving every evidence of being in total denial about how heartbreaking and chaotic the situation is currently. Here’s only a portion of what the denial looks like: In...

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On the Southern Border, Team Biden Is Nowhere To Be Found

By Mike Pompeo, Senior Counsel for Global Affairs1622733055118

The crisis on our southern border is worsening by the day. It can be traced directly to the Biden Administration’s decision back on February 16 to abandon the asylum pacts between the United States and Mexico that we in the Trump Administration worked hard to implement. Then, this week, the Biden...

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ACLJ Files Lawsuit Against Biden Administration Over Border Crisis

By Jordan Sekulow1622120340000

It seems like the Biden Administration had barely moved into the White House when migrants began surging our southern border in droves. It shouldn’t be surprising, of course, as President Biden halted construction on President Trump’s wall and promised to reverse the Trump Administration’s...

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Undocumented Immigrants To Get Free Housing on Taxpayers' Dime?

By Logan Sekulow1621535520000

We’ve told you how bad the conditions at our southern border continue to get since the Biden Administration established its immigration policies. The United States hit record levels for the highest amount of migrant surges in 20 years. The reality is conditions at the border are so out of control...

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Special Guest Sen. Blackburn Takes on Biden's Immigration Policy

By Jordan Sekulow1620939793543

Despite President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris ignoring the reality at the border, the numbers do not lie. From last year alone, in April 2020 there were only 17,000 encounters on our Southern border. Now under the new Administration, in April 2021 there have been 179,000 encounters . The...

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Breaking From Reality on the Border: What You Need To Know

By Wesley Smith1620741540000

As the sad and tragic situation on the southern border of the United States continues, the Biden Administration continues to deny the reality of what is actually going on. Vice President Harris has yet to visit the border, 45 days after being assigned the responsibility to resolve the situation.

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WHAT? VP Harris Claims Border Crisis Is ACTUALLY a “Climate” Crisis

By Jay Sekulow1620164361615

Just when you thought President Biden’s border crisis couldn’t get any worse , the Administration proves that it can. On NBC’s TODAY, journalist Craig Melvin pointed out to President Biden: In April alone, 170,000 people – migrants – apprehended at the border. It’s a 20-year record. There are...

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